Golden State Provisions is a certified California state small business as a wholesale food distributor. We work primarily with California state institutions such as prisons, schools, and hospitals. 


The company was established in 1992 by Howard Winderbaum. In 2014, Chris Blackman began working with the company in sales and purchasing. Nancy and Chris Blackman purchased Golden State Provisions in 2017 and it is now a female, minority-owned small business. We still offer many of the same products that were offered from the beginning but are expanding to meet the new ventures and needs of our customer base.


Relationship building is the foundation of our business. We do our best to listen to the needs of the buyers and that is where value meets excellence.


We are well experienced working with federal, state and local agencies and offer a wide range of products with competitive pricing. Our goal is to be the premier supplier of affordable foodservice products, which we believe is accomplished by listening to you, the buyer, and aligning your needs with our partner vendors. 


We also work diligently with our importers and freight companies in order to provide exceptional pricing while maintaining strict, uncompromising quality standards that, in turn, will increase the bottom line of your budget.

Chris Blackman
Vice President
Nancy Blackman